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Has all of this happened before?

What if everything we see around us has happened before? An extraordinary concept, but when we take a closer look it is really not so hard to believe. Even the most respected human minds tell us time doesn’t actually exist. Advanced theoretical physicists tell us all existence is simultaneous. The Elonias Foundation shows us there […]

Intuitive Abilities

Understanding Intuitive & Psychic Abilities Our ancestors relied upon our 6th sense to avoid danger, and to help them survive. It is often referred to as a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘a knowing’. Mothers with young children will often use it to keep their children protected. However, in this technological age our 6th sense is in danger of […]

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Harmony is a prerequisite of any journey. For without the balance of harmony there can never be a true or real interpretation of light. Within the boundaries of thought are so many possibilities that fracture and fragment, endlessly at times, into something that is nothing like the originator of thought itself. What is the mechanism […]

What about prayer?

Whats a good morning prayer? Jason – With regards to a prayer, to be ‘aware’ is to remember ‘what’ you are is all that really exists. This is a very important statement, and not to be relegated as a ‘given’. To be ‘awake’ is a state of mind that exists in every moment of every day. […]