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The Edge of Reality

What is it about our perception, of our point in time and space, that makes us believe that we are the only one? What is our moment that is passing in front of our eyes and within our mind, the only point from which to refer anything?

Why is it that so many are resistant to the idea that the past and the future exist simultaneously? For the future, their ‘now’ is the most important now, and we are but a memory of the past. To us, our past is the past; we are the now and the future hasn’t happened yet. How ridiculous.

When we look at space and time, surely we have to understand we are not that important when it comes to the identification of the total and complete reality of time and space. Why are we the ones ‘chosen’ in this very moment to exist when all else either did happen, or has not happened yet? Can you see my point?

It is a farce to believe in oneself as being the single point of relativity to which all things relate. And so we must look always at time and space as a collective movement of thought and memory with multiple ‘consciousnesses’ existing as multiple individual thoughts – like you and I – within the entire spectrum of reality on multiple dimensions and in multiple space-time locations.

In a reality that, to our perception, takes so long to move anywhere significant, our point in time – our moment – is really nothing more than one of a seemingly infinite number of them. And so space and time co-exist together in all places. The future and the past co-exist with the now. It is all a point of relativity.

Someone sitting in the future who is able to travel back to the past within the corridor of their mind will come back to us as their past, and revisit it as something that ‘was’. To us, they come from an inexplicable future, one that we cannot understand if – and that is ‘if’ – we look at time as being linear and based on one single point of our conscious thought of reckoning of what reality ‘is’ or ‘is not’.

And so I challenge you, I ask you, I implore you … remove your sense of independence from space and time from this ‘moment’ of ‘you’. Remove your sense of identification of the importance of every moment away from your moment of you.

Take a look – a bigger look – at the power of reality as a construct of thought and memory. Make sure at all times you are not constrained into the personal identification of self by seeing this moment in time as being all that exists at the centre point of everything. Because that is a farce.

Only the awareness of the ‘all’ within the many can explain the co-existent realities within this program that move amongst us, within us and around us every day on multiple dimensions, in multiple space and time locations, on multiple planets and in multiple places.

… And given this is all an illusion, then what is Real exists beyond even the perception of this single point of reality within this single frame of existence called Earth.

There is so much more to see, and so much more to say and so much more to hear. But without this simple identification of fact, one can never remove themselves from their absolute self as being the totality of reality.

From the awareness of ‘what you are’ the point of self is the lowest note, and we should embrace ‘what we are’ by being open on our lowest note of consciousness so we may understand the ‘illusion of reality’ firstly.

Only then, we may travel to ‘reality’.

Our perception and experience of our life in time is only as fixed as we believe it is. Time is not fixed, and nor are you. Time can be rewritten depending on the power of the Inner sound you become aware of.

We exist within a chamber of memory. It is hard to define the structure of reality we live within from the inside. So whether we call that a program, or a construct, a dream or a cube – it is all the same. What matters is that we understand the concept. Because from with inside reality, we cannot see it as we would from the outside. We do not have the capacity to truly define our reality. So we must rely upon what comes from beyond our reality to define the reality we exist within.

And so we have to look at having a conversation that allows us to understand the nature of our reality from a higher perspective, rather than define it simply with our consciousness. We exist inside a chamber. Let’s call it a chamber because it is a container of memory. We exist within a chamber of memory. Time is an experience within this chamber of memory. Our past, our future – it all exists as memory. We move through memories as a conscious sentient being experiencing the passage of one memory to the next.

We experience that movement as time, but time itself does not exist. We are aware of its passage because of our relativity to memory. And so when we look at our reality we look at a single fact: we exist within a construct of memory, and our lives are the movement of memory through the experience of the creation of life, contained within a chamber of memory that we call “reality”.

From within this reality we see so many aspects of reality that are relative only to our own perception, and to our own thoughts and experiences. When we look at the entirety of this construct of reality, this chamber of memory, the fact we only perceive around 1/10billionth of what we can identify with our eyes, ears and physical senses is an important point in understanding why it is so important to delve deeper inside our very being, our own minds and the greater part of ourselves. That part is totally aware, and is able to see all things. The repetitive nature of life itself. The cyclic movement of memory and events we experience as an all-too-familiar rotation of compliance to the sameness that is called expectation of life.

But what if we stopped expecting life to be what it is? What if we started expecting nothing, and started to experience life through the light of what we are? And through the light of what we are were able to be aware of our own higher mind, our inner being, and to be aware there is so much more beyond our life and our perception of self then we ever thought possible.

Why is it that we dismiss the thoughts and feelings that there has to be more, that this can’t be all there is? What happens after we die? What happens that we don’t understand whilst we are alive? These questions are so important. Why is it that we dismiss them through our life because we don’t have time to answer them, or we become inundated with expectations of our life from ourselves. Therefore, we don’t “take time” to “make time” to “have the time” to be quite within, and to move our focus to an inner part of ourselves, and to become aware of a deeper part that is available and can give us answers – a higher level of ourselves that sees things oh, so clearly.

And so we have to make a choice. That choice is whether we remain within the expectation of life, moving through memory, one thought to the next, one cycle to the next, one expectation to the next. Infused and confused by the influx of life and memory all around us.

Or, we make a choice to stand still and open our mind beyond the memory that we perceive. Beyond the person we believe we are. And we give ourselves permission to ask those questions again.

Who are we really? Why are we here? How did I get here? And where am I going? What is it that drives me to think and wonder and feel these things? Can I release my expectations upon myself, and have no perception of reality so I can understand and become aware of something more than who I believe I am?

And if I can do that, who will I become? And that is the most powerful and interesting thing of all. Because to become something more than who you currently are, to awaken what you are from within, is surely the greatest movement you can make within this reality. Because reality itself then takes on a new dimension of awareness. And the true movement you have made by standing still and going within is greater than any movement you can make outwardly, bypassing thought and memory. Bypassing the cyclic nature of this program, this chamber of life and memory. Entering a new corridor of existence that allows you to observe what was, and move through memory with a higher awareness and a deeper understanding than what the past – as memory – will ever offer up.

After all, this reality has one job and one job only – to maintain the sameness at all costs. By asking the question and giving yourself permission to ask it, you have one job only. And that is to remember that you are more than who you believe you are, and that what you are will take you on a new journey. Open up a new program to travel through this chamber of memory to somewhere new.

So instead of time moving through you and carrying you along with its thought and memory, you take on the awareness of what you are and you move through time instead.

The Journey Home is about remembering that we are more than who we think we are. It is about challenging our beliefs, because sometimes when we believe in something outwardly so strongly it is because we know something deep inside that we just haven’t been able to touch.

In the discovery of what you are, you have to look at your core beliefs. Many of us form rigid beliefs, some built on hope, others built on perception, culture and tradition, social expectation and even self image. But beliefs of any kind will always cloud our judgement. If we are not careful, we can drown the inner voice that is crying out or inner memories screaming to be heard.

Maybe you have dreams you don’t understand, or feelings that come from inside you about the world and your place in it. Perhaps you wonder about beyond life, beyond tomorrow. Beyond the planet, or even beyond understanding. If we hold on too tightly to beliefs we run the risk of never getting in touch with our true self.

The way we feel, the way we think and the way we perceive life is equal to the way we perceive ourselves. If we want to move forward in our journey of life, and start to understand what our life is for – what it is about – then we have to look at our perception of ourselves. That means journeying beyond our beliefs.

If we grip too tightly to how we perceive the world and ourselves, we will never ever allow ourselves to understand what else we hold. Because if you are looking to understand the purpose of your life, gain inner peace or an inward understanding – even reading this right now in search of one or all of those things – maybe you have something within you that is very important, very special, that needs to be understood.

So the Journey Home is a discovery of the light within; the light of awareness. The light of what is real and true. What does that mean? It means the inner ‘you’.  The original ‘you’.  The real ‘you’ .. and more. We cannot feel a need to know or a sense that something is missing, or an ache to remember without knowing it already, somewhere deep inside. Otherwise, it would not be remembered at all. It would be learning, and the Journey Home is not about learning anything. It is about awareness, and true memory. That is what remembering is.

And so the Journey Home is a very personal thing. It is very powerful. It will challenges you to the very core whilst lifting you to the highest places. It is worth the ride. To many, it is a relief to understand their thoughts and feelings .. and to understand you are not alone.

So within the words and the meditations contained within the books and audio available on The Journey Home website, is the message that within the inner parts of you there is a flame that flickers. The Journey Home is about allowing that flame to burn brighter and grow in awareness so you, too, can fully remember.

I welcome you to the Journey Home. To those who remember, it is the only thing that truly exists. Life holds so many images and fallacies, it tells so many lies. It expects so many things. It often demands obedience and loyalty to comply with the sameness for no particular reason other than it is the way it is ‘has to be’ or is the way ‘it has always been done.’ There is no growth in that!

And so, it is about finding what is true and real inside YOU so you can find what works for you. After all, it’s your life. And when you find what is true inside yourself, that state of awareness – even memories – are what will reveal you you have the strength to take back your life and your journey. You don’t have to take one more step in your life without it being a part of your return journey to be ‘who’ and ‘what’ you really are.

The joy of the journey home is the joy of freedom. It is the love of remembering that we are all one. It is something very real, and it will take you forward in your life with a profound sense of purpose. What you always felt but perhaps never understood becomes a catalyst for you to finally remember who and what you really are.

As part of the Journey Home website, we will be releasing an ongoing series of guided meditations and online programs, blogs, podcasts and inspired discussions – all dedicated to The Journey Home and dedicated to uncovering what is real within each and every one of us.

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Can you really let go of what doesn’t work in your life? Or are you so accustomed to it being a part of your life, you just wouldn’t quite know what to do if it just disappeared? Wow, I hope that’s not your answer, but for some people I’ve met, it’s unfortunately true.

What doesn’t work always wants to be your buddy. It has a way of being there, trying to convince you that this time it’s different, but it never is. Let’s face it, what doesn’t work, just doesn’t work. It never has, and it never will. When will people get that?

How much time has been wasted trying to fix a relationship that has come unstuck so many times, it now needs superglue to keep it together. Come on, if that’s you, why stay with what doesn’t work? Is it really worth it? Have you got so used to the drama that comes with the relationship, it has become the ‘norm’, rather than finding a new relationship, one that actually gives you the happiness you haven’t felt for far too long.

What about your career, is it working for you? You want to be successful in your chosen career, but no-one notices what you actually do. Sound familiar? You are just a face in the crowd, with everyone else seemingly pushing in front of you for those all­ important accolades. You don’t feel valued, yet somehow you want success to find you. You begin to live the dream of success, rather than be a participant in what it can be.

If this happens, don’t just accept your dream of success. Instead you need to want the real thing. Letting go of what doesn’t work will enable you to have that success you’ve always told yourself you wanted.

So ask yourself – what is it that doesn’t work in your life? What would you need to let go of? You could probably reel off a number of things, with some being much more important than others. But stop counting. For there is really only one answer. A very simple answer. It’s your perception of your own self-value. That is what doesn’t work. Having this perception has led to all those things you have just remembered that don’t work in your life.

In everything you want and do, you absolutely need self-value to achieve success. When you value who you are, it stirs up that passion and drive you have inside you to succeed. In a perfect world, your self-value would be a natural part of you, everything and everyone in your life would be just perfect. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in the world we create for ourselves, and you can’t just give up and accept second-best for yourself. You deserve better than that. You cannot allow yourself, not ever, to accept what doesn’t work in your life.

You have to create a life and a future that works. You need to change the way you see yourself. My mind travel ‘Creating the Future you want‘ program, shows you how to do that. This program was designed by myself for people who have decided they don’t want to accept what doesn’t work in their life anymore. It’s time to let go of what doesn’t work – after all, you can’t take what doesn’t work into a new future.


Blog written by Diane Swaffield. Read with love by Jason, in dedication and inspired memory of Diane.

It is what we experience that is real. It is what we experience that determines the nature of how we see reality – what’s possible, or what’s not. That is what determines how we ‘see’ reality. How we see what is possible. How we interpret the events around us, and within us.

When we look at ‘reality’, how foolish is it for anyone to view the world we live in based on the preconceived ideas of what others think! Surely an experience is far more credible than what conventional belief systems tell us. Because, whilst subjective, aren’t experiences still actual? They are not merely stories you find it a book – they happen. And aren’t belief systems often just temporary opinions entrenched by popular culture or popular science? I call most of it dogma or ‘convenient science’. What can be considered fact one day can be recognised as incorrect the next. What is often considered ‘heresy’ can later be hailed as ‘revolutionary’. How easily one can be ridiculed trying to open peoples minds, only to be remembered as extraordinary when they were no longer with us. I would rather we look at what is Real in the Now. Why wait! Surely it’s our experiences that tell us how things work and what is possible. It is our experiences that show us what we are capable of, how to define ourselves and the world we live in.

Talk to anyone who has had an experience, and they can tell you in great detail what it was, what happened and what it means to them. It shapes how they view themselves and the world. But talk to someone who has not had an experience but instead bases their understanding on a belief system and all they can give you is an image. Perhaps it is something they’ve simply grown up with, read or been ‘educated’ about. However, it is only a version of a version. A belief. An adopted opinion. Regurgitated information based on acceptability or cultural, social or peer group pressure.

Perhaps its time we stop thinking so much, and start becoming aware.

If we define our reality by our experiences and how we relate to them, we open up so many channels of discovery. New ways of understanding. New levels of awareness, both about ourselves and about the nature of our lives. So surely .. experience determines ‘reality’.

There are literally millions of experiences documented and shared over the decades past that go unexplained. Why? Just because conventional ‘knowledge’ or ‘science’ can’t answer them? That’s ridiculous. And this being so, doesn’t it say more about the lack of credibility of the ‘knowledge base of science’? Why should ‘convention’ bring into question the validity of unexplained experiences when so many people have them? Especially when they show us that reality, time and memory is not what we are taught to believe it is.

Perhaps if we took all the people over all the years who have had experiences that cannot be explained by mainstream knowledge .. and put them all together. We might find there are so many they might be the majority after all! Experience should have the casting vote over the so-called ‘definition of reality’ we are told is factual. Because what is conventional fact when it comes to the unexplained? It is irrelevant – that’s what it is. Conventional facts are simply the rules of resistance to stop further investigation. Fences to stop you wandering into the truth.

Let’s take a simple example. If I have an experience where, say, I lose time. I can’t explain it, and it cannot be rationalised away despite many valiant efforts to do so. My experience showed me time is not constant or fixed. It showed me time is fluid. It showed me time is subjective, and my consciousness played a major part in it. Perhaps there were other energy influences, forces or anomalies involved I could not see or measure? It tells me many things that I both do and don’t know. And both are important. And so it is the experience that tells me there is an understanding of reality that allows me to see what time is .. or more importantly what time isn’t. Now I have an appreciation and an openness that my experience showed me more about the nature and illusion of my reality than I ever realised.

If I simply read a notion of time in a physics book that tells me time is a linear measurement interwoven with forces such as ‘gravity’ and the photonic energy of light .. what then? This version of reality, created by somebody’s meticulous “rubber ruler” calculations and concepts doesn’t even come close to explaining my simple experience. So how can I apply it to what I just experienced? I cannot. Because conventional thinking is really good at telling us what is not possible and what cannot happen, and what I experienced cannot and does not happen .. but it just did. So who is mistaken? Certainly not the person who had the experience.

No matter how credible it appears in a book, when it comes to the true nature of reality what if what is written does not explain a simple experience of someone else’s reality? Then it is incomplete. And if it is incomplete, should it be the guide as to what determines reality? No.

So what determines reality? We do. The person who had the experience about time going fast or slow, backwards or forwards. The person who knows what they saw when no-one else believes them. The person who knows what they feel, even though they cannot explain it. The person who has memories they cannot explain that don’t fit into who they believe they are. The person who keeps an open mind .. that truth is an ever changing movement of awareness.

If you have had an experience, YOU are the person who has a greater hold on what is real than any person who never had the experience at all.

Remember that. Do not doubt yourself, ever.

Does this sound familiar?  ..  No matter how hard you try, you just keep listening to all those negative thoughts in your head that just won’t go away.  They don’t always give you the best advice when you need it, but instead they often get in the way of solving an issue with their repetitive and often non-constructive reasoning.  When this happens, you are in a loop of your own thoughts that are referred to as ‘self-programming’.

This is your ‘self-talk’.  It’s the script you have created to protect yourself from issues such as: not feeling good enough, fear of rejection, negative body image, lack of confidence, and so on.  There are a great number of factors that involve negative self-programming, and they may have been with you for a long, long time.

Changing self-programming means you have to change how you talk to yourself.  It’s that simple.  However, many people have become accustomed to the way they think, the way they behave and the negative outcomes in their lives that have come from it.  They are the victims of this world, where nothing works, and nothing is fair.

Simply, you have to change.  Stop waiting for the world to change around you.  It’s not going to happen.  I bet you have invented so many excuses, justified everything you have done, as well as blamed so many people and situations, and guess what?  Your life still sucks.  It doesn’t work. It can also make you feel isolated, where no-one understands you and no-one is there for you.  Well, that’s what negative self-programming does for you.

So how easy is it to defeat self-programming?  As I have already said, self-programming is simply ‘self-talk’.  It’s what you say to yourself every single day, sometimes over and over again.  You say it so often that you have talked yourself into believing it.  It’s become a way of life.  It’s become your identity.  But if it’s not working for you, then it’s got to change.  That’s when the Mindhubb ‘Talk2Self’ technique can help you make that change.  So, I will now explain how it all works:

There are two aspects of the mind.  The conscious and the subconscious.  The subconscious mind acts according to the beliefs of the conscious mind, and does not distinguish whether those beliefs are good or bad, beneficial or destructive.  It is this subconscious belief system, which is often referred to as “a silent partner to consciousness” that plays back these beliefs as ‘self-talk’.

Your ‘self-talk’, or self-programming, can only change when a new belief, or a different attitude replaces it.  The Talk2Self technique is all about creating a new ‘script’, using your own trusted voice, which you have recorded, and then played back through your phone or other recording device, using head-sets for maximum concentration and privacy.  By listening to your own voice, with its change of script, and ‘believing’ with everything you have in what you are saying, then this new script, with its new beliefs, will filter down into your subconscious and replace the outgrown negative self-talk with the new version.

So let’s talk about your new script.  It needs to have content that changes your belief or attitude towards yourself, others, or perhaps an issue that has created your self-programming.  However, there are too many variables to be mentioned here.

Your script should be around 2 – 3 minutes long.  That’s about 350 – 500 words.  That’s enough time and content to create a new way of talking to yourself that cancels out the old self-dialogue.  Then you need to record your script on either your phone or another recording device you might have.  Remember to speak slowly and concisely, and don’t forget to emphasize what is important to you.  Then replay it back.  Make sure you’re happy with what you have said, and also how you have said it.  This should be listened to regularly over a period of time, until you notice the changes in your thinking. When you change your self-programming, then you change your life.  It’s that easy.

If you would like to take a step further in understanding yourself and your ‘most likely’ future that you are creating, then take a look at my Program titled ‘Creating the Future you want‘, which is available under the Mind Travel section of The Journey Home website. Not only will it change your life, it will change your future.  This program will take you on a personal journey, mind travelling forward in time to view and experience your ‘most likely future’. You will then travel back in time to heal your past, become empowered to make change, then experience a guided Mind Travel exercise to create and experience your ‘new future’.


Blog written by Diane Swaffield. Read with love by Jason, in dedication and inspired memory of Diane.

You’ve probably heard those two words many times. They sound like common-sense words; but let’s face it, who has time in this busy world to try and work out what they mean? Yes, balance and harmony sounds wonderful, but maybe you’re thinking it might take too much time out of your day, to even give it a try.

But what if these two words could end up being something you just can’t do without. They could become your support system through all that self-doubt and uncertainty you’re left with when things just don’t go the way you wanted.

They could help you stay calm when everything around you is in chaos. Instead of seeing the negative in a situation, you might even see the funny side of it. You may even begin to feel that passion and enthusiasm again for the things you once loved to do. Balance and Harmony could even become your new best buddies.

If you’re reading this from a negative and stressed self, you could probably think this all sounds a bit far-fetched. But that’s what happens when the negative side of someone hears about a solution, it can become too much to think about, and for that reason I need to get to the point, quickly.

How can you get Balance and Harmony to work for you in your life? Easy … first of all, you need to understand how it all works… Balance and Harmony ‘happens’ when you are physically, emotionally and mentally in alignment.

It all begins with your thought. What you think is so important Your thought affects your emotions, with your emotions then affecting your physical body. When you get your thinking in the right place, then the energy within your emotions is lessened, leading to a healthier physical body.

Now, that makes sense, doesn’t it? So getting your thinking in the right place is where you should start. All that memory getting in the way of being the person you really want to be. You need to let go of that past, it really isn’t that good for you. It’s the future you should be looking towards. What about a new future? A different future than the one you’re heading towards.

To have a different future, then you have to be different. You need to change how you think, so you don’t have a future that’s the same as your past. You need to feel good about yourself, and your physical body will thank you!

In my mind travel ‘creating the Future you want’ program I have designed a simple exercise that helps achieve Balance and Harmony.

A sample of this exercise is available on my ‘Creating the Future you want‘ program. So take time out and get some Balance and Harmony into your life. Try it and see. You’ll be so glad you did.


Blog written by Diane Swaffield. Read with love by Jason, in dedication and inspired memory of Diane.

What is reality - The Journey Home

Throughout the ages this question has been asked by many great philosophers, scientists, mystics, deep thinkers, plus the ordinary folk, who are looking for the answer to ‘what is reality?’

For some people there is no question to ask.  It is quite simple.  What you can see and touch is reality.  What is all the fuss about?  Why even ask the question, when the answer is so obvious.  Some people can become quite irritated with the question, because they hold onto the comfort of knowing their reality is their security, and you just don’t mess with that!  Reality then becomes a fixed point of observation, filtered through their concept, which is based on their beliefs.

However, we live in a world that often has anomalies, whereby the safety and security of our reality can be challenged.  This can test our beliefs, as well as our security in knowing our place in the world we live in.

When we live through our identity of who we are, surrounded by what is known to us, there is often little room for something else to enter into our life that cannot be explained or understood.  This is where our good old imagination comes in.  It often takes the blame for things we cannot identify or explain, and coupled with time, whatever has happened can often get pushed into the back of your mind.

But what if you are someone who has had one or more experiences you just can’t explain.  Someone who just doesn’t want to forget what they have seen or experienced, but instead wants answers.  Answers to the question ‘what is reality?’  Perhaps you have no-one to talk to, because you’re afraid of people thinking you’re crazy.  You feel alone, isolated and confused.

If this is you, then you’re not alone.  There are so many people who are afraid to come forward to share their own experiences, but they’re there.  Perhaps you’ve seen something, heard something, experienced time slips or time loops.  There are so many different types of anomalies to show that reality is not fixed.

So who am I to share these types of comments with you?  Well I am someone who has had so many experiences throughout the past 36 years of investigation into ‘what is reality?’.. I believe I am well qualified to say it as it is.

This article can only touch the surface of ‘what is reality?’  However, what I do know after all these years, is that your reality will equal what you want to believe, rather than what it may or may not be.  People often have a ‘ceiling’ to what they will accept.  Even the most open-minded can have a limit to what they will allow themselves to believe.

Throughout my own experiences, especially in the earlier days, I created many ‘ceilings’ where I said “enough is enough”.  Yet I just couldn’t leave it there.  So I just kept on going.  As each ceiling was dismantled, I built a higher ceiling, and so on.

Every experience I had that defied logic or physics was always disputed by many people, whom I shared my experiences with, as being false or illusionary.  But I am here to tell you that’s just so wrong.  You cannot measure what cannot be measured.  I came to understand that reality is always shifting.  When you think you completely understand it, then it has a way of changing.

We are always dependent upon what is fixed, what is reliable, what is known.  That becomes our reference point, and we call it ‘our life’.  We hold onto that with everything we have, and we feel secure and safe.  Our beliefs become important to us, especially when these beliefs are shared by so many others.  We live as if they must be right.  So many people can’t be wrong .. can they?

So the thought of reality not being what it appears to be never enters most people’s thoughts.  However, when something happens that does not fit into what is referred to as  ‘normal’, then that leads to a decision to either leave well alone, or to take a good look into what it means.  This will then lead you to the question .. ‘what is reality?’

You might also like to understand how your life is creating your ‘most likely future’.   If you are interested in taking a step forward to create the future you want, take a look at my Program titled ‘Creating the Future you want‘, which is available under the Mind Travel section of The Journey Home website.  This program will take you on a personal journey, mind travelling forward in time to view and experience your ‘most likely future’. You will then travel back in time to heal your past, become empowered to make change, then experience a guided Mind Travel exercise to create and experience your ‘new future’


Blog written by Diane Swaffield. Read with love by Jason, in dedication and inspired memory of Diane.

We all live within boundaries, because that’s the way life is.  They are put in place to keep us from overstepping the mark, and doing the wrong thing.  These boundaries are usually called “rules and regulations” and we have to abide by them or face the consequences.

However, when it comes to personal boundaries, then we are looking at something totally different, for these personal boundaries involve physical, emotional and mental limitations you live behind every day.  These boundaries are often viewed as safety zones, and keep you within what is known, rather than have you enter the unknown beyond the boundary.  In saying that, there are times when these boundaries need to be crossed, so you can move forward and be more progressive in your life.

So let’s have a look at some examples of what personal boundaries might involve …

Let’s start with a physical boundary.  One boundary, in particular, could be the lack of trust you have in your physical body that it has the skills needed to be on a team.  So instead of participating in the sport you love, you sit on the sidelines and become a spectator.  In this instance, the boundary you needed to cross was the belief in yourself.  Your physical body would then have acted on this belief.

Then there’s the physical boundary of being unhealthy.  When you keep telling yourself you just need to find a way to become motivated, but somehow it just doesn’t happen.  Your boundary in this example is your need to stay within the comfort of your lifestyle.  This physical boundary is usually connected to emotions.

Now emotional boundaries can often be the hardest to cross.   Many of these boundaries are built in the early, formative years of someone’s life.  But they can also be created later on in life following one or more traumatic events, which can change the way someone sees themselves and the world around them.  Emotional boundaries can be quite debilitating.  Preventing the person from being confident, happy and motivated.  A lack of self-worth keeps the person from moving beyond the boundary.

If you want to go past emotional boundaries, you will have to go beyond memory.  The power within the memory is what is holding someone hostage.  You cannot eliminate the memory, but what you can do is release the power within that memory, enabling yourself to move forward in your life.

This brings us to mental boundaries.  That’s when you are not open to changing what you think and believe.  You are stuck in a cycle of your own thoughts.  The world has to change around you to accommodate what you know to be right.  People who have strong mental boundaries can often become quite challenging and aggressive if they come across someone else who will not yield to their way of thinking.

The greatest builder of mental boundaries are ‘beliefs’.  Beliefs are usually formed at a young age, but may also be embraced at a later time in life through powerful experiences or events.  Whilst beliefs can offer security and comfort, some beliefs become mental boundaries, thereby preventing you from going beyond the sameness of your thoughts. When this occurs, you are unable to expand your consciousness to incorporate new ideas and new ways of thinking into your life, thus preventing you from moving forward and evolving the person you are.

Identifying your own personal boundaries is not always easy.  Denial is always on ‘stand-by’, ready to step in when you feel unsure about making changes to your life.  It acts like your best friend who is looking after your interests, but in fact it is a destructive element when your life is at a standstill and you’re going nowhere fast.

So don’t listen to denial, but listen to reason.  If you believe you need to live life differently, and want to go beyond your own personal boundaries, then take that first step.  Be honest.  Ask yourself this question … Do you have boundaries you need to cross so you can live the life you deserve?

Boundaries have the power to keep you on a cycle of sameness.  This is often seen with people who want to break free of relationships, change their career, overcome their financial problems, or want a completely different type of life than the one they have.  However, they often feel powerless to make the necessary changes.  What they may not realize is they do not need to change the problem, but they need to go beyond their acceptance of the outcome.  This can be done by recognizing their self-imposed boundary, and taking steps to go beyond it.

When your identity is so closely linked to your personal boundaries, you may feel unsure about disengaging from these boundaries.  For boundaries can be like an old friend.  Someone who’s always been there for you.  Someone you can depend upon, but also someone who doesn’t want you to change and grow away from them.

Some old friends can stay with us, happily, for all of our lives, whilst other old friends have been out-grown and are no longer needed or wanted.  So think of your boundaries in the same way.  Keep the ones you still need, and let go of the ones you don’t.

When you feel an overwhelming attachment to a personal boundary, then you’re really not ready to let it go and move past it.  It is there because you still have a need for it, and it’s simply a matter of time, or a matter of changeability within yourself that will bring a need to let go of that attachment.  On the other hand, if you really want a different type of life, then take a leap of faith .. beyond your boundaries.  It just might be the best thing you have ever done.


Blog written by Diane Swaffield. Read with love by Jason, in dedication and inspired memory of Diane.

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Welcome to the 21st century…  where time is regarded as precious.  There’s just not enough of it to do everything you need to do.  Everything runs at such a fast pace, you find yourself prioritizing, just to keep up.

Your calendar is probably full for the month, and you’re already half-way to filling up next month’s as well.  Then there’s the clashing of invites from different friends or relatives, which leads to you spending so much time, you don’t have, on worrying which one you have to let down.

This technological age we live in has expanded our world.  It has offered us the ability to experience life in a totally different way than ever before.  It encourages us to learn, communicate and expand our understanding of the world and the people in it.  But it all takes time.

So if you can’t relax, and are wondering why, there are a couple of reasons you need to consider …

Firstly, you may have put yourself into a ‘self-expectation loop’, whereby you just can’t pull yourself away from being busy, as well as being there for everyone else.  Another way to put it would be to say “you don’t want to miss out on what’s going on”, so all of your time is directed towards what you expect from yourself, and what you believe other people want from you.

Secondly, it’s about how much energy you put into your busy life, and the stress that comes with it that prevents you from feeling relaxed.  This will also affect your sleep pattern, with many people not being able to get into a deep sleep, to rejuvenate and re-charge their body.  Instead, waking up as tired as they were the night before.  Too many people suffer from the ‘I can’t relax syndrome’ and it’s affecting their lives.  It’s no fun dragging yourself out of bed every morning, feeling absolutely exhausted, especially when that calendar is so full of what you have to do that day.

That’s when the thoughts arrive of “what I wouldn’t give to lie on a beach today, with nothing to do.  Just sit back, relax, have a drink. Feel the warm sun on me.  Mmm .. that would be so good!  I wish I didn’t have to go to work today”.   Now, what’s wrong with this picture?  Human behavior seems to have a way about it to want something when it’s not possible (when you need to meet your obligations and go to work).  But when it is possible, they don’t want it (weekend or other free time), they simply have too much to do.

If you’ve ever had those thoughts first thing in the morning, then it’s your body’s way of saying “I’ve had enough.  I want to relax.  Just stop, why don’t you! Take me where I can just switch off from this busy life”.  That’s when you need to listen, and take the next opportunity to do just that.  Don’t wait.  Do it as soon as you can.  Give all those thoughts a rest.

There are different types of relaxation.  Sport, hobbies, reading, having coffee with friends, dining out, watching TV, surfing the net.   But remember, your brain is still taking in information, sorting it out, evaluating it and storing it in the subconscious for it to be retrieved at a later time.  Whilst this is called relaxation, there’s an even better way to relax.

It’s when you give yourself the gift of time that does not involve others. This type of relaxation enables you to get back in touch with what you feel, rather than what you think.  Your brain is not overloaded with information.  Your breathing slows and, guess what?  You begin to relax.  It’s that easy.  It’s simply taking time-out for you, instead of being there for everyone else.

When you relax you also change your brain pattern away from the Beta state, which is associated with concentration and alertness.  In the Beta state neurons fire in rapid succession, helping you achieve peak performance. However, when you really begin to relax – you then enter the Alpha state, where your brain activity slows from the rapid patterns of Beta into the more gentle rhythm of Alpha.  This is when you feel truly relaxed, and your creativity and visualization is at its best.  You can then view your life with a greater sense of insight, enabling you to make decisions that were so difficult to do when you were feeling so tired and stressed.

If you would like to take a further step towards creating the life you want, and the future you deserve, I have created a Program titled ‘Creating the Future you want‘, which is available under the Mind Travel section of The Journey Home website.  This program will take you on a personal journey, mind travelling forward in time to view and experience your ‘most likely future’. You will then travel back in time to heal your past, become empowered to make change, then experience a guided Mind Travel exercise to create and experience your ‘new future’.