Do Chakras play a role, or is it all made up?

Di – What role does the Chakras play? Is it all made up? Is there really such a thing? I know we have an aura field, is that really seven colours too. Is it really legitimate? Some people say they actually see the aura’s around people, so I don’t know what to believe?

Jason – The chakras are natural parts of the 7 layers of the energy field, just like layers of the mind, just like the rainbow etc. Keeping the mind and energy field is balance is the key. Focus on the central point, not the layers that come from it, and the layers will take care of themselves. All comes from one point. There is a meditation called “The Light Beyond Chakras” in the Gateway Series if you would like take a look.  People get very focused on chakras, but there is the risk of becoming stuck in a limited aspect of sound.  There is also Diane’s ‘taking care of your energy system?’ meditation that focuses on your own ability to keep your energy balanced, clear and strong – worth doing for everyone.

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