Going beyond beliefs - Jason Swaffield

The Journey Home is about remembering that we are more than who we think we are. It is about challenging our beliefs, because sometimes when we believe in something outwardly so strongly it is because we know something deep inside that we just haven’t been able to touch.

In the discovery of what you are, you have to look at your core beliefs. Many of us form rigid beliefs, some built on hope, others built on perception, culture and tradition, social expectation and even self image. But beliefs of any kind will always cloud our judgement. If we are not careful, we can drown the inner voice that is crying out or inner memories screaming to be heard.

Maybe you have dreams you don’t understand, or feelings that come from inside you about the world and your place in it. Perhaps you wonder about beyond life, beyond tomorrow. Beyond the planet, or even beyond understanding. If we hold on too tightly to beliefs we run the risk of never getting in touch with our true self.

The way we feel, the way we think and the way we perceive life is equal to the way we perceive ourselves. If we want to move forward in our journey of life, and start to understand what our life is for – what it is about – then we have to look at our perception of ourselves. That means journeying beyond our beliefs.

If we grip too tightly to how we perceive the world and ourselves, we will never ever allow ourselves to understand what else we hold. Because if you are looking to understand the purpose of your life, gain inner peace or an inward understanding – even reading this right now in search of one or all of those things – maybe you have something within you that is very important, very special, that needs to be understood.

So the Journey Home is a discovery of the light within; the light of awareness. The light of what is real and true. What does that mean? It means the inner ‘you’.  The original ‘you’.  The real ‘you’ .. and more. We cannot feel a need to know or a sense that something is missing, or an ache to remember without knowing it already, somewhere deep inside. Otherwise, it would not be remembered at all. It would be learning, and the Journey Home is not about learning anything. It is about awareness, and true memory. That is what remembering is.

And so the Journey Home is a very personal thing. It is very powerful. It will challenges you to the very core whilst lifting you to the highest places. It is worth the ride. To many, it is a relief to understand their thoughts and feelings .. and to understand you are not alone.

So within the words and the meditations contained within the books and audio available on The Journey Home website, is the message that within the inner parts of you there is a flame that flickers. The Journey Home is about allowing that flame to burn brighter and grow in awareness so you, too, can fully remember.

I welcome you to the Journey Home. To those who remember, it is the only thing that truly exists. Life holds so many images and fallacies, it tells so many lies. It expects so many things. It often demands obedience and loyalty to comply with the sameness for no particular reason other than it is the way it is ‘has to be’ or is the way ‘it has always been done.’ There is no growth in that!

And so, it is about finding what is true and real inside YOU so you can find what works for you. After all, it’s your life. And when you find what is true inside yourself, that state of awareness – even memories – are what will reveal you you have the strength to take back your life and your journey. You don’t have to take one more step in your life without it being a part of your return journey to be ‘who’ and ‘what’ you really are.

The joy of the journey home is the joy of freedom. It is the love of remembering that we are all one. It is something very real, and it will take you forward in your life with a profound sense of purpose. What you always felt but perhaps never understood becomes a catalyst for you to finally remember who and what you really are.

As part of the Journey Home website, we will be releasing an ongoing series of guided meditations and online programs, blogs, podcasts and inspired discussions – all dedicated to The Journey Home and dedicated to uncovering what is real within each and every one of us.

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