Spiritual Guidance by Diane Swaffield

We all want to have someone looking after us, making sure we stay on track with what our destiny requires from us. Churches and Temples are full of such people, all wanting to stand out in the crowd so their hopes, dreams and prayers are heard above everyone else.

Gods and Deities have been fought over for thousands of years. Yet in all of this time, we have never been given anything from these Gods to finally bring the arguments to an end. Somehow, they have managed to send us representatives from all of the Gods throughout history, and because of this, the arguments and wars are still going on. Will the real God please stand up and put a stop to all of our nonsense, so we can finally get on with our lives and love one another like we are told that the Gods want us to do. Failing that, we’re just left to our own devices, and we’ll have to make the best of what we believe. In hindsight, that means nothing will change.

However, some believe that there is an alternative. It is called the New Age movement, composed of those who believe they have been chosen for a special mission. They don’t talk to God very much, but instead talk to Angels and Masters. Somehow these Angels and Masters seem to have the capacity to speak on behalf of the one true God to these chosen ones.

So what’s the mission? The message that comes from these Angels and Masters is a simple one. We must all trust and believe that we’re all Gods too. Wow! So many gods. People actually believe this, because they then decide they can create their own reality, their own destiny – because that’s what gods do .. they create. There’s great appeal in this alternative way of believing. You don’t have to worship Gods – all you have to do is worship yourself. Easy!

Then comes the next – you become a healer. Drawing upon your divine essence you place your hands upon the sick. Those wracked with a need to never be a God. Those who only want to be followers.

However, be sure you do not cough or sneeze upon these unfortunates whilst doing your divine healing. You may need to be healed by another got first, before commencing your healing on the sick.

Then there are others who allow the Masters and Angels to speak through them. Sharing words of wisdom and enlightenment. Helping the followers to live a life of a follower. To keep returning for more enlightenment, week after week, year after year. Remembering that all has its price, and surely a God needs to live a life that is deserving of a God.

Then there are those who neither believe or disbelieve. Instead they are open to what lives within them. The small voice that tries so hard to be heard amongst the sound of life itself. This small voice is the greatest spiritual adviser of all. For it belongs to you. It has always been with you, all of your life. It is your real true self. The spirit that rises above all belief. It guides you along on the pathway of life, so you can bypass all that is not true, all that is false and has been placed before you to prevent you from going home.

And to this small voice I would like to say .. speak up, be heard. It is time to awaken, for so many need to remember this is only a dream. It is time to go home.

by Diane Swaffield

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