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Understanding Intuitive & Psychic Abilities

Our ancestors relied upon our 6th sense to avoid danger, and to help them survive. It is often referred to as a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘a knowing’. Mothers with young children will often use it to keep their children protected. However, in this technological age our 6th sense is in danger of being absorbed into ‘information overload’, with this natural part of humanity becoming discarded and unused.

However, when people need to explore the meaning to life, their spirituality, their purpose and what lies beyond the boundary of their physicality, then their psychic abilities have to be woken up and activated. Physic abilities usually fall into the categories of: Clairsentience (feelings) Clairvoyance (seeing) Clairaudience (hearing)


This is the ability to see what other cannot. You may see people, animals or even people’s energy fields, known as auras. This may be extremely clear to you at times, and not at other times. You may see through your outer vision (eyes) or through your inner vision.

Many clairvoyants can see through their outer as well as through their inner vision. Some children see imaginary friends and often talk to them, as well as play with them. After about the age of 8 – 9 their ability often disappears, but not always.

Some clairvoyants are known to have seen things since their childhood. But for those whose clairvoyance is more ‘inner’, this ability comes from the source relaying the impressions and images to the clairvoyant and the clairvoyant interpreting what they are receiving.

Clairvoyance also comes through visions and dreams, where visual images are projected towards the clairvoyant, these often being extremely clear and detailed.


This is the ability to hear. A person who is a highly skilled clairaudient will often tell you they can actually hear voices from outside their physicality, and other times they hear them in their mind. They are usually clear and precise, with a message that is often very relevant to current circumstances either for the clairaudient themselves, or for another person for them to relay the message to.

This ability also ties in with mediumship and inspirational writing, as well as teachings.

Examples of psychic abilities are:

  • Intuition

  • Psychometry

  • Predicting the future – precognition / premonition

  • Aware of energy changes / the unseen

  • Mediumship

  • Working with energy (this covers many examples and expertise)

  • Visions

  • Creative abilities such as art & writing


This involves what you feel. You sense something, and your feelings tell you in story. For example: You meet someone for the first time. Within seconds you feel so empty, so lonely, so afraid. The person standing in front of you doesn’t display any of these feelings, yet you can’t shake what you have just felt.

You know it would be rude if you asked them to confirm what you have just felt, so you keep it to yourself. Some time later you overhear her speaking to someone else. She is expressing exactly what you felt about her earlier. This is called ‘clairsentience’.

Alan – I don’t remotely believe in Ghosts, I think science has long disproven them. And most ghost stories have natural explanations. But demonic entities are a paranormal thing that is very real. I saw photos of real life scenes that a horror movie was based on.

Jason – Hi Alan, thanks for your comment. Whether you believe in them or not ghosts do exist, and science unfortunately can only measure the very very limited. Over 30 years I have seen and conversed with many, many ghosts. I see so many paranormal investigators bring out their voiceboxes and thermal imaging cameras and laser sensors .. and whilst they can an do play a small part, they are mostly outsmarted and outplayed by inter-dimensional characters who saw them coming a mile away. When I say ‘ghosts’ please understand, they are simply those of us who have passed over, on their way to the next step of their journey. Heaven does not exist, somewhere genuinely more beautiful does. The afterlife is a transitional dimension that exists as a spirit world directly alongside us here. Thought is very powerful there, and the idea of heaven was conjured by religion as an emotional con to obey during life. We all live again, and have lived before. But you are right about the paranormal – there are many dimensional entities that step in and out of this reality. The term demonic is heavily influenced by religion and hollywood, however we have had to deal with many of these entities and they do exist. I just replied to a previous post as well explain in a little more detail, but getting back to the main point – the majority of people do not actually see ‘ghosts’ as such. They see a memory imprint repeating across a temporal dimensional junction amplified by psychic energy, meridian locations or both. Time and space are all in one point, as quantum physics has finally discovered. What people sometimes see is an interdimensional entity pretending to be a person for nefarious purposes. Nothing is what it seems here. But awareness without fear is the key. Thanks for your comment. Try this: https://eloniasfoundation.com/the-paranormal/


Alan – Heaven is very much real. I think a lot of ghost encounters might be demons that pretend to be the spirit of someone who passed. I will note that for skeptics the ghosts never seem to appear, only to those that already believe. A team of ghost hunters will find ghosts everywhere in a supposed haunted house, but send in skeptics and the ghosts just don’t make an appearance

Thanks Alan, trickers can certainly only trick those who hold onto image and expectation. When many paranormal investigators go into a haunted location they almost always find exactly what they expect, and they are manipulated. I have seen it many times. In regards to the realms of life beyond the physical, the truth does not require you to believe it. I have spent 30 years working as an investigator and intuitive psychic. My wife and I have spoken with countless people who had passed over, with decades of proof and evidence. Many have passed into the light to beyond and it is so beautiful. Much communication is shared about beyond life, and the beauty of returning to a greater part of ourselves. However, no one apart from living people have ever mention or speak about heaven. In fact, once a higher perspective is reached, the image of heaven is denounced. Ask anyone who has had a near death experience. They will tell you the same. But there is much more beauty beyond life than just a concept of heaven. There is a greater energy source we all come from and will go back to, but it is not a human heaven. Most people stay for a ‘time’ in a thought world that can look ‘heavenly’ in order to reconcile their life journey with their soul energy, but the soul always returns to the next life, or moves on to levels of energy beyond here. The energy of our soul belongs to a greater spirit – one that belongs to an even greater spirit. And so it goes. A stationary heaven goes against all of the natural laws of energy, thought, love and causality.


Alan – I know people who have died and come back who spoke with God. And I also know dead people don’t communicate with the living. Anyone can practice cold reading and convince people they’re talking to the dead

Jason – If their message gave them hope then that is wonderful. They will have spoken to a higher part of their own being. I am afraid you are very much mistaken about speaking to people who have died. And there is no ‘cold’ readings. As I said earlier, I have decades of evidence, not subjective. Proof coming out our ears, over and over. Experience makes us aware – not opinion. We have had experiences over decades that show your view of the world is unfortunately very limited. It also sounds like you are holding onto a lot of fear. When you let go of belief and are totally open to being right or wrong, like we have, then you can discover the truth. Belief, religious or otherwise, will stop the truth. Love your conviction, however, so if anytime you are ready with an open mind I am happy to share. Until then, thank you for you time.



Markos – I have seen a cemetery of spirits surround me and my brother, an there was this one that looked different in a black robe. I couldn’t see the facial features. It was pure black sort of like the grim reaper. It put it’s hand down like it was trying to invade my soul or something. What do you think?

Jason – Hi Markos, thanks for your question – it is a VERY important one. We are usually only aware of our own dimension, but there are many dimensions, and there are also portals between dimensions. Dimensions are separated by energy barriers, but psychic energy, inter-dimensional entities and meridians can and do open dimensional portals between this world and other words. Traumatic or highly emotional events can also lead to openings and paranormal experiences as well.

Emotion and memory is tied in directly with psychic energy. So when we visit certain places people will very often see or experience more paranormal activity. Cemeteries themselves are not special – it is the thought and emotion we direct into them that makes them susceptible to the paranormal. What you are describing is something we have seen before. You need to be aware that many paranormal experiences are not ‘people’ but interdimensional entities.

Just as in life where there are people who give to you and people who try and take from you, it is the same here. What you have seen is an interdimensional entity trying to create fear in you so it can tap into your energy and draw on your energy field. It presents the image of a reaper because it knows that it what will likely create the most fear. I have come up against these energies before many times. They will alter your thoughts if you let them, and they are trying to draw as many people as they can toward them to feed on their energy. They cannot take your soul, but they aim to control your thoughts.

The grim reaper myth is born from this type of entity. My advice to you is to be very aware, to understand that you have an energy field you must protect – but without fear. They fear love. They fear knowledge. They cannot draw on love. Not the silly idea of ‘love and light’ most people play with, but the genuine knowing that darkness can never survive where there is light.

I would strongly suggest, if you wish, you do a free 1hr energy program we have on our website called “Taking Care of Your Energy System” because there is every likelihood you may have remnants of energy left over from that experience you should clear out. (https://eloniasfoundation.com/meditation/)

ou will just need to open a free account as well, and it takes a little over an hour.

You may have had sleep or mood changes since then, or odd things happening. Maybe not, but you should clear and protect your energy field. Thanks for the questions.


Image provided by Markos:

Those of us who want to understand the purpose of life often wonder or ask about these important parts of our lives. Those of us who have lost loved ones often hope there are answers, or ways to communicate.
Others are simply curious about the paranormal, but there are yet others who have had life-long experiences they either do not understand, or perhaps are not sure of. There are answers, and it all starts with awareness – of ourselves, our lives and the time and space dimensions in which we live.

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I want to talk about where you belong. So many people wonder about where they have come from, and where they are going. Sometimes life itself makes us question where we belong, and is there something else? Is there more? Why are so many always searched for something? Why has almost no-one ever found the answer.

The nature of our reality is questionable. There is no doubt about that. Wherever we look there are inconsistencies. There are things that promise fulfillment and guidance and yet never deliver.

So where do we go? What do we do to answer the burning questions that drive us, and yet meet an obstacle or a void in the outside world, in this place that’s called life.

To find answers, we have to go within. That is the only place where we will find the answers we seek. And so the question of where do we belong is an important one. We are all experiencing this thing called ‘life’. We have all come from somewhere, and we are all going somewhere. But where is that? Or when? Or what?

Most people have an idea of their soul. We all have something inside us; an energy system that fills us with something more than we can perhaps relate to our everyday life. The words “soul mate” and the “evolution” of our soul – these phrases and words raise questions, but what do they actually mean?

When we come back to the question of “Where do we belong?”, what does the soul mean in relation to this? Do we all come from the same place? No. And why should we? The human existence is not a singular existence that starts and stops with birth and death. We all have come from somewhere. We all have a soul that moves into our body and out again. Perhaps our soul – or more accurately, our energy – is the greatest clue that our life is not all there is, that we do indeed belong .. somewhere else.

This is why at The Journey Home, ‘home’ is not a single place or time. Home is a state of remembering. It is a cornerstone of the light of awareness that takes us into a place inside to our deepest memories. We have we come from? Where do we belong? How do we open up more of the memories we have inside so we can in fact understand where we are going.

The soul is often misunderstood. Many believe we will have a soul, and whilst we certainly do, souls also operate in soul groups. Soul groups are not singular. A soul can have multiple experiences through a multiple of people all at the same time. People can be sharing the same life, like husband and wife, or they can be a life that is one of a multitude of people in different time frames of the past or future, in the now, in different countries – all a part of the soul group – all having different experiences with which the soul combines those experiences to learn and to understand.

It is really about remembering. Because we also have to understand we all are One. We all came from the same point to begin with, and different places along the journeys we have taken. Therefore, descending into matter or personality vehicles like our conscious human ‘self’ is really a step away from where we came from. A step away from ‘what’ we really are.

The soul is an experience within the human life-cycle, repeated many many times in what is called ‘evolution’, and to a karmic range of experiences to understand the separation value of life itself to experience multiple memories through multiple vehicles.

But what if beyond the soul there is a spirit? The spirit is commonly misunderstood as being the soul, because perhaps the soul also belongs to a greater energy. So what if our human being has within it an energy that belongs to something beyond itself that is greater, that is not singular. Even what we are belongs to something else as well .. and so it goes.

Perhaps the journey of the soul is only a small counterpart of a much bigger picture.

That is the cornerstone of understanding, as to why we should ask the question as to where do we belong. We will have memories of our lives, and those who enquire deeper beyond the surface of the life and reality we live often have memories that don’t align to this life. They often have memories that go to other lives. Sometimes to other places, and often those other places don’t align to a life on earth. Confusion reigns for some. Exaggeration reigns for others.

But we have to be aware – where we belong may not be where we think we belong. Whilst we only believe in our humanity, and we are not open to other ranges of energy and experiences, life and light beyond our life, we may never understand or remember the Real nature of who and what we are.

The most unnatural aspect of life is that it ends, in that it started out of nothing.

So, for life to truly represent the real and true nature of all things, it is important to understand life came from somewhere and will go back to somewhere. But the journey in between those two points is a fascinating one. Full of experiences, thoughts and dimensions. Life and beyond life. We certainly do not want to be stuck in a never ending loop of the sameness of belief systems, imagery, memory and illusion.

So as for the question, “Where do we belong?”… do not lock yourself into an image of heaven or a version of life or an afterlife that suits just the personality. What people call heaven is really a dimensional energy of transition from this life to the next, or to somewhere else.

There is so much more! The experience of memory is about going within, quieting the mind, tapping into the real memories we hold inside. This can take us beyond where we ever imagined, and to places more wonderful and even more familiar than the life we currently live.

The questions we often ask about the point of our life, our purpose and what it all means are so important. When we start to us the question, “Where do we belong?” is when we start the journey home to seek answers to those very questions we have inside.