Who are those beyond the Program of life?

Di – Who are those beyond the program? Because for as long as I can remember I have always felt lost without a purpose. I do have a knowing that I am suppose to do something, but I don’t know what, and I have had a knowing most my life that home is elsewhere. In The Journey Home eBook by Elonias, do you mean the energy of light is LOVE? I know love is the only thing that is REAL.

Jason – We live within recreated thought and memory. Yes, love is all that really exists. Light and love are very very real.. but we also have to remember what is Real so we can live this life and move through it with awareness on our Journey Home. Over 40 years Diane’s and my work, we were spoken to many 1000s of times over decades by Elonias and other higher beings from beyond this program. They are us, in the Real. They are the highest part of our being and far beyond here, not human at all. This program was created a long, long time ago. It was originally a place of learning such as the mystery schools of Egypt. However, there was a tragic unfolding of events and the entire program became a prison of thought and memory, forever cycling around in an endless loop. Those from beyond here (many races, some of light, some of higher form) have re-entered back into the program to wake people up .. because it is time to go home. This reality will never become love and light – that is just fanciful romancing – because this is just memory. If you feel you have a purpose, then that is your Real memory starting to rise within you.

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  1. Malcolm
    Malcolm says:

    The commentary in this post is timeless, as I too know that this experience is within a construct that feels very real, but isn’t. I have died and come back within this life and have always felt like I had a leg in the old and one in the new program. Being a doer I always felt like I needed to do more, rather than just remember that I am already that more that I seek. My ego or maybe consciousness is definitely catching up to the fact that this old program has gone, that’s hardest bit for me. This frame of no love is also often difficult to relate to, however I truely can’t wait to truely experience my whole note here and finally wake up.

  2. The Journey Home
    The Journey Home says:

    Hi Malcolm. thank you for your commentary also. Finding it hard to relate to so much here is understandable because we remember something so very different.

    The Great Ones said to us many years ago, “What time did the wind arrive?” It was a statement that created a great shift in perception. Waking up is not a destination, it is an experience. We cannot answer the question as to when we ‘have woken up’ any more than we can say when the wind arrives. It has always been there, just like your remembering. Like a tapestry thread that just keeps unravelling. We journey through different experiences of awakening on our journey home to remember we never really ever forgot, it was just the illusion that we did.



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